Ugh, fuck, I wish I had had the balls to major in English and/or journalism and photography. I thought I couldn’t make money that way though. I guess I could still change, but I’ve already invested so much time into graphic design, I feel like it’d be insanity to quit (read: I’m fucking terrified of doing it). Plus, I don’t hate my current major. It’s a learn-to-love type of thing, and I guess that’s okay…though I feel sort of trapped.

Shit, I just should’ve taken time off after high school because I had no fucking idea what I was doing, I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into. Not that I know any better now. Why can’t I focus on anything—not even my own future? I feel like headdesking about a million times.

story of my life!! i’m mad sometimes that i didn’t go with a communication/journalism degree, especially at my uni – we have one of the best comm/journalism programs in the country (Edward R Murrow – aka “Good Night, and Good Luck” is an alumni). i also have a huge talent for photography. but i figure, you can always pursue those interests after you graduate! your degree doesn’t dictate who you are. a lot of people get degrees in XYZ and then go into career JKL, y’know?

My degree is in Journalism and i can’t find ANY work.. Sometimes i wish I had majored in something else.

If you feel trapped, then there is a likelihood that you will regret the choice.  You’re not comfortable with the field you’ve chosen.  If you think changing would help ease that tension, change majors.

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