It’s Called Vocabulary, People! 2

I was called “retired” tonight after I tried to explain to some person on Tumblr how to use Twitter properly. (They were explaining it to their friend and were convinced that they knew all about it, which they didn’t.) When I explained it to them, they kept telling me that I was wrong and using a plethora of spelling errors to prove my stupidity. (I love when people are trying to prove how someone else is stupid and they end up making fools of themselves.)

So, I ended up getting:

are you srsly retired?

I tried to explain that this person was not using the proper term, though the term that they were going for isn’t a proper term either. (It is rather irksome when someone chooses to call another person retarded as an insult.) So, this person decided to post all kinds of stuff calling me out on their Tumblr to their friends and saying:

also btw she was really fucking retired because when i called her retired this was her reply

So, sweetie, if you’re reading this, retired means:

no longer active in your work or profession

Keep in mind that definition comes from Princeton, which is an Ivy League University. They may not be as smart as Harvard or Yale when it comes to Ivies, but gosh-golly-gee, I bet they’ve got whatever weird dictionary you’ve got in front of you beat.

The word that I think you were attempting is called “retarded”, which is:

  1. a slur when used in the context you were wishing to use it for
  2. untrue

So, you can go back to whatever whiskey tango high school taught you that retired was a proper insulting term and tell them that someone has actually set you straight on the real meaning of retired. Oh, and apparently, I was supposed to keep following this person after her insult “attempt”. Um, no.

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