Do you know how much I hate these bible fuckers? They have 19 kids and claim it’s the will of God that they keep reproducing. They have a show on TLC and a beautiful home and shit tons of money and they keep making new babies, even though there are millions of kids around the world who no one wants and who are living on the street. Not to mention that the Earth’s population is nearly 7 billion and is growing exponentially and the Earth can really only handle 1.4 billion if you want everyone to be comfortable (that is, for everyone on the world to live at the U.S. standard of living).

So while homeless children are selling themselves into prostitution in India and baby girls are being abandoned in the wilderness of China, these motherfucking assholes think Jesus is telling them to have more kids. How nice, let’s give them a show on TLC.

What she said.

They’re a part of the same sect that Andrea Yates was a part of…you know, the one where the husband gets to determine how long the uterus works and how it can supercede the mental state of the person involved.

That being said, some husbands in it aren’t complete jerks.

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