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photomoto: asparagus: therizinosaur: ohmytalkinbird: theperksofnotbeingsydneyweiser:tobuildamountain:(via lettersincursive) This is so true, but that makes sense because Sylvia Plath was truly a genius.

upthespout: magicandharrypotter: warningdontreadthis: rainaelizabeth: PERSONAL OPINON. I’m sorry Gambon, you’re brilliant irl but Richard Harris was Dumbledore. I don’t know, i think i liked richard better BUT i COULDNT OF pictured richard in the cave scene, he was WAY to old (no offense @ all) I could no picture him doing the things gambon did… I know when you’re young that 10 years difference is a big deal, but by the time you’re over a certain age…it doesn’t matter.  He was just 10 years older than Michael Gambon (1930 vs. 1940), so this whole “way too old” thing is crazy. I loved Michael Gambon in other roles, and he’s doing his best to fill Richard Harris’s shoes, but Richard Harris is/always will be Dumbledore to me.

cydonia: woahitsjuanito: simpleties: crashcourselove: darth-vader: youhadmeathello-:shechangesyourmind:noonereallywins:(via lumieredelalune) BEST EVER. LMFAOLMFAOLMFAO.

mystupidmouth1983: I’m not Twilight-hating, ‘cause I loved the books.  I just thought this was funny.  I can laugh at shit. Heh…I understand. (Source: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs22/f/2009/243/7/1/Eric_Northman_by_IamBexhearmeroar.jpg)

snitchesandstitches: dsfincannon: donajeanlee: Hahahahahahahhahahahah. Someone just got themselves unfollowed… The amount of people who “like” this or find it hilarious disgusts me. People honestly think this is funny?  Um…what is wrong with society?

This week, after a performance in England, Lady Gaga met with the Queen of England. ‘Well this is weird,’ thought both of them. SETH MEYERS, Saturday Night Live (via inothernews) (via bethanydaigle)

fuckyeahtvpicspam: BUFFY: There’s something I’m supposed to be doing. FAITH: Oh yeah. – Miles to go – Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0. BUFFY: Great.  Riddles. FAITH: Sorry, it’s my head. A lot of new stuff.  They are never going to fix this, are they? BUFFY: What about you? FAITH: Scar tissue. It fades. It all fades.  [pause]  You want to know the deal? Human weakness – never goes away. Not even his. BUFFY: Is this your mind or mine?FAITH:  [chuckles]  Beats me. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.22 – “Graduation Day: Pt 2” (via fuckyeahsunnydale)