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please don’t tell me you aspire to be that skinny?
to be honest i do a little bit.
part of me would rather look like that, than what i do now.
i’m sorry to judge and all but to want to get to this point is fucking horrible. i’d much rather be fat and happy than starving and depressed.
would you really rather be fat? and have kids like make jokes about you and stuff? think about all the fat jokes there are compared to the ones about super super skinny people?
They can be pretty bad, in middle school everyone favorite was anorexic sult (when to this day I’ve never even gotten to second base) or flat chested bitch.I just have a really fast metabolism, I got more negative comments then positive ones dealing with my weight or lack their of it.
I think people get mocked for not fitting society’s “ideal” or what other people think is the ideal.  If you differ from the “norm”, then you’re going to be the butt of a joke or a dozen or a million.  I was always told that people mocked me because of some self-esteem issue they had.

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