I was browsing MSN when I came across this gem. Gave me a laugh. Really I do love ‘twilight’ though, promise.
What’s bad is that for Stephenie Meyer, it’s a very realistic type of relationship and the guys are very realistic.  She grew up in the LDS church and LDS guys are like all of the male characters…well, maybe they don’t get almost rapey like Jacob.  As for Bella being unrealistic, it’s very much like many of the girls in the church that I know.  She is centered around the guy, she cooks and cleans, etc.  And I’d go even one step further to say that the quickness of the marriage was a lot like the members of the church.  I have friends from YSA who will meet someone one day, go on a date, a month later they will be engaged, and within the next 3-9 months (depending on the temple they want to marry in), they will be married.

Why Twilight is unrealistic

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