Why He’s Hot:

  1. Oh hey, you’re pretty damn sexy.  Those shades look HELLA FINE on you.  And that hat is deliciously yummy.
  2. He’s Caius in the FUCKING VOLTURI.  How badass is that, just watching other vampires getting down and dirty and in a gorgeous blond wig!
  3. Hell, he is JAMIE FUCKING CAMPBELL BOWER.  He’s English, which means a motherfucking accent! Don’t tell me you don’t dream about him everysingle day.  Just think of him, and you, perfectly parallel.  That’ll get you going. He is the ultimate specimen of male.
  4. He plays in a band, called the Darling Buds.  And, he plays the fucking guitar! He can even fucking sing!  Don’t you want him to sing love ballads to you every day and fucking night? He looks damn sexy as a rocker, too.  Hell you bet he can flip that oh so tempting hair.
  5. Jamie keeps extremely good company.  See, Bonnie Wright.  Maybe that’s how he got the role as Gellert FUCKING Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I mean, why the fuck wouldn’t you want to use Dumbledore as a stepping stone to get to him? Oh hell to the yes.


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I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.