music i don’t like that i feel everyone else on tumblr does…




  • owl city
  • p!atd
  • paramore
  • all time low
  • the maine
  • cobra starship
  • four year strong (sorry, sam)
  • lady gaga
  • taylor swift
  • anything else like what i’ve mentioned above.

i’m not saying this to be rude…i just honestly don’t like any of them; i see tons of posts about these musicians i never know what to think because i feel like people talk about them a LOT…i need to find more people to follow who like music that i like…

What sorta stuff do you listen to? Garunteed we have a few bands in common

arcade fire, band of horses, what made milwaukee famous, white rabbits, kings of leon, greg laswell, company of thieves, johnathan rice, vampire weekend, snow patrol, doves, field music, phoenix, eskimo joe, slow runner, evermore, keane, the faint, cut off your hands, cold war kids, modest mouse, mute math, ringside, spoon, bloc party, m83, tapes ‘n tapes, mumm-ra, shout out louds, grandaddy, we are scientists, sondre lerche, the decemberists, ok go, the weakerthans, amos lee, paolo nutini, josh rouse, the new frontiers…

that’s just a few of ‘em..heh heh

I like the stuff you don’t like, but I also like Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Snow Patrol, Mutemath, The Decemberists, OK Go, and Keane.

If you could suggest some songs by the others, I’ll check them out and I might start to like them, too.  I tend to be very easy going when it comes to music.

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