Brace yourselves… ASkars day tomorrow!


1st: Well apparently that’s already Reporter Day!
2nd: Brad Day
3rd: Ray-Ray Day
4th: Nate Day
5th: Walt Day
6th: Rudy Day

7th: Poke Day
8th: Doc Day
9th: Q-Tip Day
10th: Trombley Day
11th: Alexander Skarsgård Day
12th: PJ Ransone Day
13th: Stark Sands Day
14th: Pawel Szajda Day
15th: Rudy Reyes Day
16th: Wilson Bethel & Jonah Lotan Day
17th: Lee Tergesen Day
18th: Kellan Lutz Day (we’ll just pretend that his career ended with GK, okay?)
19th: Owain Yeoman Day
20th: Nate/Brad Day
21st: Brad/Ray Day
22nd: Rudy/Pappy Day
23rd: Q-Tip/Christeson Day (yeah, they get a day for their amazing singing)
24th: Ray/Walt Day
25th: Bring your favourite pairing to work day
26th: FREE FOR ALL (for anyone and everyone)
27th: Singing Marines (this day can also be applied to any other day in the spirit of Christmas and also because I hate rules!)
28th: Competent Command Day aka Cpt. Patterson Day
29th: Real!Brad Day
30th: Real!Nate Day
31st: Real!Marines Day


  1. AO: Tumblr
  2. SOP: Spam to your heart’s content
  3. ROE: Give credit where appropriate, do not, I repeat DO NOT, strip credit, and can’t we all just…  get along?

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