Being gay is wrong.


We fall in love to procreate. If you can’t procreate then you’re not in love, you’re just sick or confused. The Bible says it’s wrong, and I live in a Christian nation. I would hope that my government would follow the Bible. Gays shouldn’t marry because regardless of them being in “love”, it would take away from straight, real marriage. Also, I wouldn’t want my children to see that kind of disgusting thing between two people of the same sex. It’s just wrong.

That’s my opinion, and your “logic” won’t change my mind, so fuck you.

What about people with forms of infertility?  Can they not fall in love?  What about people who don’t want to have children?  Are they not allowed to fall in love? What about people who are incapable of being GOOD parents?  Is it right for them to be able to fall in love?

As for this Christian nation you live in, as far as I know the only nation that can claim to be Christian and basically stick by that by not having any non-Christian folks in it would be Vatican City.  Are you a member of the priesthood for the Catholic church?  Doubtful.  Therefore, you do not live in a nation that can be considered purely Christian.

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