Fathers Who Are Fanboys

My dad bought a Blu Ray player about a year and a half ago. Well, about six months ago, it quit working. He waited and waited to take it back for repairs, because that’s how we roll in my family. Eventually, he had to send it in for repairs instead of taking it back in because the warranty swapped hands. Well, he got a call a week ago saying that it was unfortunately too far gone or whatever and they were going to reimburse him. So, he got the check for that, and went and got a new one. He had just enough left over to buy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for me for Christmas. Yay, right?

So, his first rule of my Christmas present is that I cannot let it ever hit the floor or else I will never see it again. Since when do gifts have rules? Also, since when is it my fault when things hit the floor? Often times things in this family are lost, hit the floor, etc. due to malfeasance on the part of other members of this family (in particular him). Ah, but I digress.

After this, he has to watch his The Dark Knight blu ray that was purchased for him last Christmas, but he never even opened it. Then, he began to beg for us to watch HP. He wanted to watch it after TDK. I had to go to bed, though, because I had been up since the previous afternoon (and it was 5 PM). He wanted to watch it when I woke up (10 PM). He wanted to watch it after the news (10:30). He continued to beg until about 1 AM, when he realized he wasn’t going to get to see it that night.

I just LOVE how this present that he claimed he was giving to me yesterday in case he lost it ended up being more of a present for him. Why didn’t he just say that he procured himself a copy of the movie? That would have been more honest. I should have known when the rules started that he was just trying to show that it was his movie and not mine.

So this place has a new look. Yay? Let me know what’s working and not working.

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