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Since Jenn had gastric bypass recently, it has made me wonder about my own surgery that took place in August of 2003. I have decided that I probably am no better off than I was the day I had the surgery.

According to the doctors, the following is possible:

Benefits of WLS

Benefits of WLS

    The image is nice, but the following are different for me.

  • I still have migraines. Actually, they occur more often and seem worse.
  • Only recently has my depression leveled off. That probably has more to do with my being too concerned with my physical crap.
  • I still have asthma, and it seems to be growing worse again. This may be due to autoimmune crap.
  • I still have GERD, and it is also getting worse.
  • PCOS was diagnosed post-surgery, though symptoms had been present for years.
  • Metabolic Syndrome was diagnosed post-surgery.
  • I’m assuming that osteoarthritis is considered Degenerative Joint Disease. If so, the official word is that that is getting worse.
  • Quality of life? Well, I guess it’s okay. I’m just used to going to the doctor every week (sometimes every day) these days.

Things they don’t tell you:

  1. Depression may start to get better, but if you suffer from bipolar disorder or a schizophrenia spectrum problem, then you are still going to have problems. You will still have to take meds. If you take any psychiatric medicine, chances are you will gain weight right back. Think I’m joking? Check the side effects on psychoactives.
  2. Weight can be regained without stretching or distorting the pouch. I have regained all but a few pounds, and I have the same size pouch that I am supposed to have.
  3. Vitamins are wretched after a while, and it becomes more of struggle to swallow them down. I am supposed to have chewable ones. I used to do Flintstones…they were bad after a while. Then there were Disney Princess gummies, which barely had any vitamins. Then there were Flintstone Gummies, which were horrible. Now I take like Nature Valley or something. They taste like Jello, which is great…now.
  4. Even if you take the vitamins and iron like you’re supposed to, you can still suffer from anemia, and I mean suffer.

Gastric bypass is something that should never be taken lightly, and I didn’t take mine lightly. I did my homework. For two years, I lost. I lost quickly. I went from 341.3 pounds on the day of my surgery to 250 pounds in those two years. Then I dropped down to 190 after going on a 900 calorie a day diet and being placed on Cytomel for depression. The Cytomel triggered my underactive thyroid to go hyperactive and my body started screwing up. So I was taken off that. My metabolism dropped quickly. Around that time I was started on Depakote at 500mg. It was just a short time later that I was on 3500mg. People have been known to gain weight (for some: 50 pounds) on just the starting dose of 500. Within a year, I had gained 100 pounds. I went off the Depakote, and I quit gaining. Then I had to get treatment for migraines and I was put on Depakote. I gained the rest of the weight back on just the 500 mg dose. Fun, huh?

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5 thoughts on “Minority Girl

  • Malin

    I hate that antidepressants makes you gain so much weight! I’ve gained ALOT during these years (7 to be exact) and it’s not fun at all. I can believe that it must be shitty when you have had the surgery 🙁

  • Jenn

    I have definitely heard of a lot of post-op patients eventually re-gaining the weight. It sucks that you re-gained yours. You must have felt so great after getting it off… I’m so sorry.

    I have a question… you had the gastric bypass procedure where they re-do the small intestine, right? I have heard of some older post-ops only having their stomach portioned off, while the intestinal tract remains intact.

    As far as vitamins go, I have been taking Vita-Craves. I’ll probably look around for something better, but in the meantime it’s better than nothing, right? lol

  • Damita
  • Tabby

    I’m sorry you went throught all that just to gain the weight back and be sick of things you weren’t before 🙁 Sucks!

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