I Depend On Me 2

Happy Thanksgiving! (That was today, right?) Well, like last year, there was no Thanksgiving celebration in this house. This time my mom wasn’t in the hospital hanging onto her life by a thread. No, this time, we were here taking care of her from the ankle breakage of last month. Actually, my dad was on his bed, and I was taking care of her.

A few days ago I had a fit…a literal fit. I was so exhausted. I had gone to bed for a whole night for about 5 times in a month. Apparently, no one realized that a girl needs to actually go sleep in a bed to be somewhat human. Well, I got to sleep in my bed 2 times in the last week…progress, I guess. I’ll admit, I kind of bring the whole thing upon myself because I don’t actually force myself go to bed…and if I don’t force myself to go to bed, then I don’t. Of course, I also feel like crap the next day, but that’s par for the course.

Okay, for those of you who have experience with piercings, I have a question. Have you ever had a cyst or infection in your piercing? My top hole on my right ear that I got done last year has had this lump for a year, and I thought eventually it would go away. It didn’t, and it (the infectious thing) pretty much exploded after New Moon last week. It was not fun. Anyway, I have been cleaning my ears and keeping the earrings out of the affected holes and not touching them so that I won’t spread the infection. I do check it every day, and it was doing better until yesterday when it had another little lump in it. I really don’t want to go to the doctor with a piercing infection. What should I do?

Well, I better work some more on my Santee’s gifts for the TFL Secret Santa thing that Anouska has done this year. (She did an amazing job matching me with my Santee.)

Oh, I have an appointment this week with the guy who is apparently the “bomb diggity” and the “shiznit” and all that other wonderful slang for incredibly talented at working on screwed up wrists. My MRI results came back saying that I do not in fact have a torn tendon or what have you in my uber painful wrist. No, I have unexplained swelling. Well, that sounds real “swell”. I don’t particularly approve of me having unexplained/unexplainable things. Maybe I should go ahead and donate my body to science like while I’m still alive. By the time I die, assuming I get a long life, then I’m going to be a rotten piece of flesh before I hit the casket’s satin-y smooth inside. And if I can’t have satin then I want something really smooth, because I don’t want to have any chafing while I’m dead. 😉

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