We are the CIA

The title was just on the CBS Evening News. I thought it was cute. Anyway, so what’s up, world? I’m still alive, I guess. I mean, I’m not dead, and I don’t think I’m undead. šŸ˜‰

What’s been going on?

I finally got my neuropathy checked out. The doctor I saw forgot to put it in my chart that I had peripheral neuropathy as a result of fluoroquinolone poisoning, so the next week when I had to go back because I was having pain and popping in my wrist, the next doctor I saw at the clinic didn’t believe that I could have possibly reacted so quickly to Cipro. Whatever. He also almost gave up on me having a pulse in my wrist because he couldn’t find it. He got out the doppler, which was the first time I’d had one of those used on me, and checked. He quickly found my pulse in the left wrist, but the right one (which had been easy to find without the thing) was hard to hear. I’m a tough case. He decided I had carpal tunnel, though I wasn’t showing symptoms of that. He gave me a prescription for Ibuprofen (600 mg) and Zantac (75 mg). Now, this was after he saw in my chart that I said I could not under any circumstances take Ibuprofen. He determined that the potential ulcer risk was not that bad, thus the miniscule Zantac dose. (I have been on 300 mg at a time in the past.) He thought that I must have minor bouts of gastritis from time to time since I’m not on a Proton Pump Inhibitor (Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, etc.) and that that did not warrant having a warning in my chart. I’m sure that would be news to the various gastroenterologists I’ve had. I don’t take acid reflux medicines, though I have it, because my “tummy doc” prefers to treat it with liquid carafate. If you’ve never had it, imagine taking a piece of chalk and crushing it and mixing it with water. Now, add a little fruit flavor. Imagine downing some of this before every meal. You will now understand why I refuse to take the stuff. Besides, my doc realized that I was no longer taking it and told me that I could live without it. I just have to grab Gaviscon and down 4 at a time. Bleh.

What else?

I finally went to see my psychiatrist again. Fun, right? Apparently, I’m fat. No shit sherlock. Apparently, this fatness is a protection to keep me from ever having to deal with the males of the species. Um, sure. It comes from being abused as a child. Uh…the predominate abuse I received as a child had to do with already being overweight. She then told me that I’m overeating, which is funny because I keep buying food to eat and I don’t end up eating it. I’ve had 3 meals in the past 48 hours. I’ve snacked a little, but only to keep my energy level up. I have yogurt I got weeks ago that I haven’t eaten, and fruit…these are things I ENJOY eating, but I haven’t eaten them lately. Oh, but since I’m obese, I’m one of those people who gorges out on food. I had to lie about my exercise level, because she didn’t understand that when one has chronic pain and various fatigue issues, then one does not necessarily like to get up off her butt and exercise. Of course, she didn’t understand that the lovely Depakote that I used to down 7 at a time of had been a factor in my weight gain. She also debated whether or not I could possibly put on about 30 pounds of “water weight” with my period. (I know, most women put on 3-10 pounds. In my family, we do the 25-45 pound thing.) Well, then, perhaps she can explain how the week after my period I was at one weight, the day before I was 25 pounds heavier (a week later, I know the period coming that quickly is not healthy), then shortly after the period was over (about 3 weeks after it had started) I had lost the majority of the weight. Hmm…doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

I had another drug reaction. I have been taking my Metformin once a day like a good little insulin resistant hypoglycemic (if I hadn’t had hypoglycemia, it would have been more often) for about a year. All of a sudden about 3 weeks ago, I started itching. I had this intense itching ALL over. Anywhere that there was tissue (internally and externally) I was in a painful itching state. My mom and I decided that I should try going off the Metformin. Since I went off of it, the itching has started going away. I have also started peeing more. (I had almost stopped while on it.) I know that was quite an overshare.

Oh, and I’m still doing quite a bit of the care for my mom.

I’m excited about tomorrow. You didn’t think I’d go without saying SOMETHING about New Moon, did you?

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