Me Equals Destitute 2

My friends, I have good news from the Federal government. After talking to them for over a month on the issue, I have now been declared destitute. Not really in so many terms, but I finally talked to someone working for Social Security that could see by looking at the screen what had happened and…here’s the kicker…could actually FIX it. At first, she was going to have me go to the bank again, get another letter stating that I had never had more than $1000 in the account since sometime in 2007. Then, she looked and was like, “Someone duplicated this.” Of course, later the someone became a computer glitch, codeword for someone screwed the pooch. I’ll be getting a partial payment for October soon and I should be getting full payments again in November. I have to call Medicaid tomorrow to get my insurance reinstatement fast-tracked, especially since I have the UAB doctor to see on the 14th and have to see what kind of lovely stuff they’ll want to do.

Of course, this lovely discovery was after they failed to call at my appointment time and I, for the second time, resorted to calling the National SSA line and complained. They (Nat’l office) called the local office and told them to call me. The local office closes at 3:30, so I was quite shocked when someone called at exactly 3:30. (So those of you who say bureaucrats/fed employees go home when their day officially “ends”, not true.)

Ah…so grateful for the woman who fixed it. Though, I don’t know her name, I am eternally grateful to her.

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