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I got a letter from Social Security today (ever notice how the government has this nice way of sending letters to someone so they end up there over the weekend?) and I owe them over $6700. This is because of that little typo that I was told that the letter should fix. Apparently, it didn’t fix it. How can a letter that states that the account in question has never existed and a statement from me that says I have $10 not show them that I am not some girl sitting on a pot of gold? I guess it’s some big conspiracy by me and the bank to get their money. I’m not that devious.

I have contacted the attorneys who handled my mom’s case when Social Security did a review of her case and my dad’s case when it was denied before he was checked out by a doctor. Hopefully, they can fix this. I’m sure they’ll find someway to show I’m continuing to defraud the government or something, even though I’m not.

You know what I don’t get? I called them shortly after the very first letter came. I talked to the girl on the phone who said it was CLEAR that it was a damn typo. How can they ask for this “overpayment” back when their own people can see that I never had the money? Do they honestly think that if I were able to hold on to that fictitious amount of money that I would lie to the government and say that I still needed SSI? I guess they think I’m some kind of criminal.

I also don’t get how when I tell them that the reviews where I apparently told them that this amount of money “still” existed never occurred, they don’t believe me at all. They don’t even check their records to see if maybe someone on their end fibbed. I guess us greedy lazy people who hide our assets are out to get them, but it isn’t possible that their people might not actually want to do their jobs properly.

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    Yeah, it does seem like they’re in the pro-bullying mode. I’m afraid strangling them might just convince them to never give me back the benefits. At least I’m still covered under SSDI as an Adult Child, so I still get half the money I was getting and I still have Medicare.

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