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I am worried about you voting because you seem lazy, stupid & incapable of simple reasoning. Your disability is none of my concern

That is the latest tweet from Dale Jackson, aka el radio dude, to me. This was after a few days ago, I wrote a tweet to him letting him know that Farron Barksdale was not a piece of garbage, as he so delicately referred to him on his blog. We argued back and forth (he claims it was a debate, but debates don’t include personal attacks) and he eventually said that the disabled should not be allowed to vote. This statement was later amended to be that I was the only one who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I wanted to know why, and the above is his response.

So, I seem lazy? I guess to someone who doesn’t know me and doesn’t care to know me, I can seem lazy. I mean, I spend a lot of time on the internet, but, wait a sec, so does he. Generally, I’m on the internet while sitting in a chair trying to control pain. Or, when I’m in school, I’ll be on the internet between classes…sometimes, during classes. Of course, people think I’m lazy because I don’t work. I don’t work because I can’t and keep disability. The common misconception about me is that I’m on disability to get money…and though a little over $400 is such a draw, I’m actually on disability for the insurance. I am unable to qualify for private health insurance because of all of my health problems. (I learned this the hard way when my dad lost his job because of my health care costs costing his employer too much in insurance premiums.) I don’t really blame private insurers for not wanting to insure me. I’m not exactly a money maker for them.

People on the internet tend to believe I’m stupid, though I haven’t figured out why. I get that I may come off as naive or ditzy, but stupid? I’ve never been stupid in my life. I can tell people all I want that my IQ is high, but no one seems to believe it.

As for me being incapable of simple reasoning, I’m trying to figure out where that allegation comes from. Maybe when I believed we should treat all people (including illegal immigrants) with decency and respect? Maybe when I said he should respect the families of Tad and Leigh Anna after the terrible accident? Maybe when I defended Farron Barksdale because of his volatile mental health history? Maybe when I pointed out that Mr. Jackson was not capable of figuring out the difference between competence and “craziness”? Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Basically, anytime I’ve disagreed with him, I guess I’ve proven myself to be incapable of simple reasoning because he’s the best judge of who has reasoning skills.

Of course, technically, I believe he would fall under all of these qualifications as well. I guess being the incompetent lazy idiot that I am, I can’t judge him. Of course, I think a better estimate of him is as an intolerant, ruthless looby. But, again, what does this stupid girl know? 😉

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