Typos Should Henceforth Be Banned

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know that a few weeks ago I got a letter telling me I had too many assets to continue drawing SSI. (According to the bank, I have $10 in that overflowing account.) So because I am no longer seen as destitute (apparently I need less than $10 for that to be true), I received a letter today taking away my Medicaid benefits.

Okay, I called the Social Security office within 10 days to avoid repercussions. I took the letter to them from the bank that stated what the person on the phone said was obvious from looking at the account. (I also think it should be noted that a quick Google search will show that the duplicate account that they have is the home of a hockey team in North Carolina and not a bank.) I did all of this as fast as I possibly could, even sacrificing a quicker shot at seeing a doctor for feeling like crap (though as the past entry shows, seeing him on Friday was no better than any earlier since he thinks of me as a malingerer) because it said in the first letter that the quicker I tried to resolve this, the less likely it would be that I would actually a.) lose my SSI benefits and b.) suffer from losing any related benefits.

Now, if you don’t know why Medicaid is necessary to a person who has been diagnosed with as many problems as I have, let me clarify:

I have 9 doctors that I have OPEN files with, not to mention ANY facility that performs any kind of diagnostic test on me. Okay, Medicaid pays what Medicare doesn’t. Medicare does not pay for everything, and the doctors won’t write off some of the stuff. Now, a trip to a family doctor can cost about $60 before Medicare covers any. They pay, and then what’s left is about $30. Now, this $30 is usually partially paid by Medicaid and then written off. Now, because Medicaid is no longer insuring me, this $30 is my debt. Then, specialists cost anywhere from $70-$400 a visit. Medicare pays a certain amount and leaves me with about 1/6th to pay. This will range from $11 to about $70. If I have to go to the ER, this amount increases.

For those of you who have fairly nice-paying stable jobs and good health, this may not seem like a big deal. Fifteen medical problems being treated and only (because SSI is gone) $228 to cover those problems plus one week’s worth of groceries (or $207 to cover household expenses) for my family, which is the requirement that is set forth by the government that I have to provide, means that something is not going to get paid. It may mean that I don’t get to go to a doctor.

This is all because someone had a typo. (It’s also because someone claimed both in 2007 and again this year that they reviewed the file with me and I said that everything was correct, which never happened, but this blog entry is not about being truthful, it’s about making typos.) Therefore, I declare that typos are a ban-worthy offense that should perhaps be treated with quick, precise, and severe punishment. I mean, if I have to sacrifice my health and well-being because someone couldn’t figure out they made an error, then why should they get to get off with no punishment? Why do I lose my benefits that I need to survive and they get to go on with their lives without a care? Why do I have to prove something doesn’t exist and call government agency after government agency because they duplicated out of date information?

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