Malingering Brat 1

This post may be gross, as it refers to some bodily functions that are usually not discussed on here.

I need a new doctor, which is something that I have been told by many people online for years when I would describe my problems with my family doctor. I’ve been trying to express the attitude that he presents me with to my parents for years. They always acted like this was just part of his typical behavior. I tried to explain how he has gotten worse towards me. My mom finally went back with me today and saw him for who he is towards me.

A little over a week ago, after about a year of absence, my period returned. It came back very heavy and has progressively gotten worse. With this, I’ve had diarrhea, which is a normal thing for me. It’s also gotten worse. This past week, I have gone from feeling my normal tiredness and weakness, to a level of being so sick that I can barely move. I have almost fallen down several times because my body has been drained of everything, or at least that’s how it feels.

I go in to see my family doctor and he chastised me first for not taking birth control pills anymore. When I tried to point out that it was discovered last fall that I COULDN’T take them, nor could I take the mini-pill, he basically ignored me. Apparently, he thinks I should be on the pill despite the fact that the ones with estrogen seem to cause me to start producing the protein that leads to clots forming in legs that can kill you and the mini-pills (progesterone only) causing me to have angina attacks. I guess concerns of blood clots and heart attacks aren’t important.

Then he proceeds to tell me to eat vegetables, which is great, except that the way my stomach has been acting has made it impossible for me to process ANY food. He specifically told me to eat baked potatoes because of their nutrition. Well, a week ago, I had a baked potato and it passed through undigested.

He wrote out a prescription for Bentyl, which is an antichollergic that I took for years for abdominal pain (most of which turned out to be a result of a gallbladder failure that he refused to do tests for when I was a child) that he claimed was for IBS. Well, he wants me to take the Bentyl for the diarrhea. I guess that would be fine, except my body is so sensitive that when I take Bentyl, I pee all over myself without warning. He KNOWS this, as I have told him of this reaction. (I remember because he laughed at that.) I’m not taking the Bentyl.

He wasn’t going to do blood work, because as far as he’s concerned, he believes me to be a malingerer. My mom got on his case and told him that I was clearly sick and that I needed to have some kind of tests done to make sure that I haven’t got something seriously wrong. He relented.

Then my mom asked for a letter from him stating that I’m disabled. The state is refusing to abide by the law that says that people on disability are entitled to a property tax exemption on the home they own. As the property owner (though the same would apply to either of my disabled parents), I have to have 2 letters from doctors proving illness and a letter from Social Security claiming that I really am disabled. Well, apparently, it was news to my family doctor that I’m on disability. This is despite the fact that in 2005, he sent my files to Social Security for the claim, and then earlier this year he and I sat down to write a letter stating I’m disabled for UAH. He asked what I was on disability for. I told him arthritis, fibromyalgia, and mental illness. (Technically, the fibro was diagnosed after I was put on disability, but I still included it.) His response? “I don’t do the mental illness, people on arthritis can’t get disability, and people can’t prove fibromyalgia.” Well, that’s nice, except they do provide disability to people with those problems, not to mention that people with Sjogren’s are often on disability because of the complications from the syndrome. I mean, in the past year, my diagnosis list has gone up to at least 15 different diagnosable illnesses/syndromes/disorders. He gets the reports from each doctor, not to mention he was the recipient of the statement from the radiologist on his own test that I have scoliosis. Does any of this matter? No, because I am a liar.

I have NEVER made up an illness. I know some people think I’m a hypochondriac, but any illness I have ever said that I have on this blog, I have been diagnosed with or it has been suggested that I have. When I claim the 15 illnesses and such, I am not lying or exaggerating. I have had the blood work, X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, physical examinations, etc. that have proven these illnesses.

I didn’t ask for the specialist recommendations for a new headache doctor or for a doctor for the scoliosis or someone for the suspected immunodeficiency (which HE should have figured out that I had with the constant infections from my infancy on until I was a teenager, and multiple infections a year since). I couldn’t ask for them. He doesn’t believe ANYTHING is wrong with me. He never has. Ever since my gallbladder acted up when I was 13, he has disregarded EVERYTHING I’ve said.

Apparently, he’s of the Dale Jackson school of thought where the disabled have no rights.

Update: I will be making an appointment on Monday with the UAB clinic, which is a clinic run by the UAB med school. They’re the ones who figured out the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. The only sucky thing about them is that instead of having one doctor, I’ll be under the care of a resident and I’ll see various interns. The best part, though, is that they are EXTREMELY thorough. When they did the tests that led to the Fibro diagnosis, they tested me for everything. There were types of cancer and viruses that are virtually non-existent that they tested me for just to make sure that they covered all of their bases. And because I happen to have Sjogren’s now, my mom said they’ll probably enjoy learning on me.

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