Full Back Scan 1

The MRI on Monday was a full back scan, which was interesting AND long. It took about an hour, and I had to have contrast, which made it even longer. Luckily, the girl who gave me the contrast didn’t tense up when it was time to do the shot and was able to find a vein kind of quickly. (She almost had a miss, but didn’t try before she was certain she could hit the vein.)

I haven’t heard back from it yet, which I guess I shouldn’t expect to for a few more days, but it makes me worry. A radiologist can read the thing quickly, and so can a neurologist. It seems like the two of them should be done with the scholarly debate or whatever they’re going through about it by now, but they aren’t.

In the mean time, I’m sneaking in little naps while sitting in the recliner and RARELY going to my room to sleep.

I think I may know what’s caused the pain and paralysis, though. I have scoliosis, which is a recent diagnosis (apparently my family doctor and orthopedist couldn’t tell in 20 years what a radiologist [and anyone who knows the difference between a curve and a straight line] who didn’t know me could tell in one sitting) and a long-time problem, and I happen to have two curve issues–one in the upper back and one in the lower back. (My lower back also has a curve inward [lordosis] that is significant in size…I jokingly say I could hold an orange within the curve.) I did a search on Google, which is not necessarily the BEST place for medical knowledge, but I don’t get to look at medical books. I found other people with pretty much the exact same symptoms. The only think I could find that matched is that we all had scoliosis. Maybe that’s what it is…maybe it isn’t.

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