People make me sick


Not too long ago I had dinner with some old friends. There were so many instances where a couple of them talked SO much crap on one of out other friends. I kept my mouth shut.

Even though this person isn’t the most likable, she is very sweet. And for the record, not once have I ever heard her say a bad thing about anyone, even the “friends” that constantly talk shit about her ad her marriage.

She probably has no idea they do though, of course, because they’re great actors. I just don’t understand why they would make so much effort to appear to be her friends when they talk her down SO much when she’s not around.

I remember when I used to be close to these people. I thought they were the best friends I could ever have. It’s been years ago and they were still talking crap about her. Back then I joined them but now that I’ve given the girl a chance I regret ever saying anything about her.

It just makes me sick that after all these years she is still the topic of discussion when they want to make fun of someone. And the way they talk to me is the same way they talk to her. It makes me wonder if they talk about me behind my back too. As a matter of fact, I don’t even wonder, I know.

Some people can just be cruel.  I hate how people can be so bent on picking apart people, whether its to their face or behind their back, but that’s just the way some people are.  I guess they think that because it was okay when they were younger that it’s okay now that they’re older.

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