reblog with how many piercings you have and where





five. both my ears are double pierced and i have one piercing midway up my right ear

Technically, 6 holes, 4 piercings. But my lobes are orbitals so thats 2 holes = 1 piece of jewlery. Then I have my smiley and tongue web.

Okay, I have 5 holes in my ears…there should be 6, but one earring fell out a few months ago and grew back together before I even noticed what had happened.

lol at the moment its 2 but it used to be 3… yeah i’m a lightweight compared to yous lol. right now, just my ears (well i’ve got the holes but no earrings in em) and i used to have my tongue but i got sick of it so i took it out.

Don’t think of yourself as a lightweight.  Sometimes it would be nice to have fewer holes.

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