Oooh…my first formspring question



it makes me so happy that you read the sookie stackhouse books! Finally! someone who didn’t just watch the show >_<

so, my question is, is there anything in particular that bothers you about the differences between the books and the show?

Well, different things have bothered me at different points. Initially, I was hesitant about the whole part where Bill killed Long Shadow and the making of Jessica. I still don’t like that Bill did it, because I felt that Eric killing Long Shadow was an essential part of the whole Sookie/Eric relationship development…and that is probably my favorite relationship in the series. But I kind of like that Bill has a fatherly connection to Jessica, so I guess I can adapt to that.

lol, that was my question XD ironically, you were my first formspring question I’ve ever asked! XD Anyway, I totally agree. Eric and Sookie are my favorite relationship also. It bothers me about the whole Tara thing. How she’s completely different.

But, I do enjoy still being surprised as some other storylines on the show, since in the books it’s all Sookie’s POV, and really nothing else happens to other characters in detail, unless they’re with Sookie.

Yeah, Tara doesn’t seem to be the character I’d always thought of her as being.

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