Dear Entertainment Weekly

As I pointed out on my domain’s blog on July 31 in “The League of Missing Vampires”, you messed up.  This time, on your whole In and Out thing.

1. Eric may not be fashionable for you, though I don’t know how, but to many of us, he’s still the shit.

2. Sophie-Ann hasn’t even shown up.  To be considered in on any list, you should actually exist as a canon character on the show being referenced.  I know she’s in canon in the books, but given that my copy of EW referenced Jessica, then I would say that you’re talking about True Blood and NOT SVM.

3. Jessica is not out, she’s still an adorable character.

I know in some issues you said Bill is out, which I have no comment on as Bill was not mentioned in my copy.

First you screw up by the whole missing of lots of vampires, then you do this.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the 4 vampires you decided to put in this issue to apologize for the Vampire issue’s lack of vampires.  (Why another Dracula?  Just pick the damn character and forget the whole who played him thing…mention it in the prose, not as a separate category for likage.)

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