Daily Archives: August 15, 2009

@SpankRansom: @Ginger_Swan: @SpankRansom: @Ginger_Swan: @SpankRansom Yep. While I was driving. And singing to Duran Duran. The top of it just started crumbling. Dare I ask what song you were singing? don’t say a prayer for me now. Are you asking me not to pray for you or is that the name of the song?

The League’s silliness

While the whole non-personal tumblarity thing (for things like Fuck Yeah’s) is done on actual popularity, personal tumblarity is like golf.  You get likes and reblogs and all that wonderful stuff and your tumblarity goes down.  So, in actuality, anyone who has like a negative tumblarity would be considered the most popular person on Tumblr!

I get it now!

beausoir: mliaverage: Today my friend told me she didn’t like Harry Potter. I gasped and called her a “filthy mudblood”. She responded with “twitchy little ferret, aren’t you malfoy.” Only a true fan would know that line. I hope she knows I’m on to her. MLIA lol