And I know you’re mad at the battalion. Because as you know, I’ve been talking to you and I’ve heard you. And I know you’re angry. I know you’re angry that the supply truck was burned and you don’t have that food to eat. You told me this and I heard you.

But you shouldn’t be angry at your command. If you’re angry at your command, then you are saying it was our fault that the supply truck was burned. But we didn’t burn the supply truck. The enemy burned the supply truck. They took your food from you. That’s the important thing to remember. It was the enemy who stole your food from you and you should be really really mad at them.

Before we step off on this next mission, I’m reminding you of who your enemy is…

… the enemy.

Fluent in retardese.

I always crack up when it gets to those last couple of lines.

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