Daily Archives: August 14, 2009

fuckyeahgenerationkill: daysandhours: Person’s face is smeared with ravioli sauce, fluorescent orange in the sunlight. More of it’s splattered down his pale white chest, with drippings on his toes. “What?” Person asks, perplexed. “You’re a fucking messed-up hick who can’t even eat ravioli.” Hasser doubles over, facedown in the grass, laughing. — Evan Wright, Generation Kill.

ohmorgan: fuckyeahgenerationkill: It was fucking stressful— you try driving! All you gotta do is stick your gun out the window, be the Iceman and say cool shit. All these fucking monologues to give; I’m driving; Simon’s yelling at me; Pawel’s backseat driving; Lee Tergesen’s a dickhead. — James Ransone 🙂 lol!