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Alex: We were kind of like a family, weren’t we? Me and you up front, then the kids in the backseat.
James: I’m like the chatty mom, where it’s like, you know like, I’ve had too much coffee and I’m like Look out the window, here’s the Grand Canyon!
James (as Alex): “Oh woman please!”
Alex: Sitting there with a map. 
James (as Alex): “Ugh, quiet!”
James: But then I notice that’s why I give all these looks throughout the series while he’ll say this sort of cheesy, heroic, war, like—
Stay frosty.
James: —or where you’re like “No,
we gotta kill all the hornets” and I was always like oh God, Mark. Oh there he goes, saying something stupid. So it was just like, I was the mom and you were the dad, and Billy was the kid who obviously needs therapy— we did something wrong to him. And then I found out that Lee was the neighbor’s kid but I always remember that like parents, if you were the kid who went with somebody else’s family, the family usually ended up liking you better at the end than their own kid, so I always thought that was really funny.
Simon: And you’ve also got Pawel, who’s the gunner, and really just his legs are in the car. So he’s almost like the dog hanging out the window.

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read and I want to know why I haven’t seen this before.

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