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This really angers me. This really fucking angers me. Take The Lord of The Rings off this goddamn list, whoever made this image. “Intellectual Men of America”? Fuck off. Build a fucking time machine, go back in time, and have a conversation with J.R.R. Tolkien. He will rape the everloving shit out of your Neanderthaloid brain. Just because a bunch of kids like making memes out of the movie adaptation, that does not make the original literary work invalid.

Furthermore, are these not books? Regardless of the quality of the books, they are still readable, thus making their readers, well, readers. Yes, Twilight is poorly written and its story is absolute tripe, but it is a book. Call it crap, which it is, but try to keep your literary snobbery within reasonable, non-douchebag levels. If you take pictures, any at all, then you are, technically, a photographer. Likewise, if you read and you enjoy reading, you are a reader. Perhaps not a reader of high-quality material but, nonetheless, a reader.

(NOTE: I’m not really raging at any one person, just the ideas being presented.)

I am in love with the ranter above. LOVE.

Second that love for the ranter!

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