Kate Spall, a British woman featured in the video whose mother died of cancer after her treatment was delayed, said in an interview that she was “surprised to see my comments used for a political campaign.” She then added: “I still absolutely agree with a universal health-care system, yet as cancer patients, you want to be in America. I guess the devil is in the details.

Health-Reform Rhetoric Gets Personal for Britons – washingtonpost.com

You want to be in America when you have cancer…unless, of course, you’re one of the 47 million Americans who doesn’t have health insurance OR you are among the remainder who have health insurance, but: have been told the treatment is “too experimental” and/or “unproven;” have been told that you have reached the lifetime limit on how much your insurance company will spend on you; or your insurance company has researched your medical history, found you had a case of the sniffles back in 1993 that you did not report on your insurance application, and your insurance company has decided this constitutes “fraud” and rescinded your policy.

But, sure, details.

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