Book vs. Show





Which version of Eric do you prefer: book or show?  Why?

SHOW. Because he’s so much more of a badass than book Eric. Darker, and more true to his character? I mean, Book Eric says one thing and do the other, sometimes I think he’s bipolar. I’m gonna get a whip lash for this, aren’t I?

It depends.  I think the way Eric is portrayed on the show fits with the general feel of the show as a whole.  They’ve made him very much Bill’s opposite – ruthless and tough (but with a sense of humour).  In the books I think Bill and Eric are much more alike.  If anything, Bill is the bigger bastard.  Eric just loves himself more than anyone else.  But to be honest, I view the books and show as separate entities.  Even though I began watching the show when it first aired last year, and I’ve only just read the books last month, I don’t see Anna and Alex etc. when I read the books.  To me the characters are completely different in looks and personality when I read the books, compared to the show.  So what I suppose I’m saying in my typically long-winded way is: I like both equally because I think they work the best in their overall context.

Hmmm….yes, one can view it that way. I read all nine books in one weekend and I only read them once so… from that stint, I can see that you’re right – book characters and show characters are not the same. Even Show Sookie is different from Book Sookie.

True…the first time I read through them, I wasn’t as impressed with Eric.  The next few times (because I read and re-read and re-read ‘cause I’m a crazy obsessive fangirl) I grew more and more impressed with him.

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