Daily Archives: August 2, 2009

I was bored this afternoon and I decided to do some math after seeing this from a former follower, who I can only assume was directing it to me (she unfollowed about 30 minutes after posting this): About to unfollow people who tweet every 5 seconds! Give its rest twitter isnt your life. a whole 3 pages with updates just from you is… ridiculous Okay, so here goes, and I hope I set this up right. Given: There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. Person in question (me) typically tweets about 10-15 hours a day. Person in question had approximately 3200 tweets at this time last week, and as of this moment right now, 4206. Now, if a person were to tweet every five seconds, then they would be posting 12 times a minute. Twelve times a minute would equal to 720 times a hour. If the person were on for ten hours, then they would make 7200 tweets in that one day, assuming that there were absolutely no breaks, which were not included in this, as they were not mentioned by the tweet in question. If you actually do the math, I have increased my tweets by 1006 over the last week, give or take a few. Now, what does this mean? 1006/7 (as there are seven days in a week) = 143.7 a day 143.7/10 = 14.37 per hour 14.37/60 = .24 per minute .24/60 = .0004 per second This means that, if one actually does the math, in five seconds the person that was referenced in the accusatory tweet actually makes a grand total of 0.02 tweets. Some more minor math, I follow 771 people. According to the twanalysis of my tweets, 65% of the tweets are conversation. This means that of the 143.7 I post a day, about 93.41 are directed towards something that someone else says. I don’t think it would be good of me to follow all of those people without guaranteeing that I don’t reply to at least something they say. That would be improper. (Except for that last little fact, I did all this math by hand because I 1. do math randomly all the time though I hate it and 2. have no life, which could be easily gleaned from the fact that I make so many tweets in a day.)

Little math for you