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What initially made you decide to become a blogger,

A combination of things…I wanted this domain from about July 10, 1999. I was absolutely determined that if no one else snatched it up I was going to get it, so I started thinking of things I could do with it. Then, I went really crazy in 2000 and I was encouraged to start journaling so that I wouldn’t hurt myself and so that I could relieve tension headaches. So, in 2001, my mom felt like I’d been through enough crap and bought me the domain. I saw some other folks with online journals/blogs around the time the domain was purchased, and later that year I started blogging on here, though most of the early entries that you’ll find on here were on Open Diary. (If you look for the old journal they were a part of, it has been purged from the system.) So that is my basic, yet long story of how I became a blogger.

What keeps you at it?
A few things…strangely enough, there are people who seem to be interested in my life, which kind of inspires me to talk about things, though I don’t actually share every aspect of my life on here. It’s kind of a cathartic place for me to be. I’ve blogged on here about a lot of stuff that I’ve been through, and I think that the fact that I blogged about it kept me from doing something stupid that I would later regret. I love that I have this little place on the internet where I can be myself. I mean, most of you that read this get a better glimpse of who I am than people who know me offline, and I like that I am actually free to be me on here. There have been times I’ve wanted to quit. There have been months where I disappear, but I find that blogging has become such a major part of my life, and even when I don’t write entries out, I’m thinking of them in my head. (I sometimes will be in bed at night and be talking out an entry so that I can calm down enough to sleep. If I had blogged as many entries as I’ve done the whole nighttime pre-sleep fake-blogging with, there would be thousands of entries on here instead of the slightly more than 900.)

What are your favourite websites for inspiration?
I guess Dooce and Jenn are inspiring in a way because our blogs started around the same time, and it is nice to see that they’re still able to keep at it, so it keeps me going. I’ve been inspired by others–Nicole for things she’s done with her blog, Leslie and Jonna for the things they’ve been through and shared on their blogs, and various others who’ve touched me in some way.

What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind from a stressful situation?
I never fully relax. I’m a naturally tense person, which is not a good thing. I try to relax and unwind by listening to music, especially instrumental music helps…mainly stuff with Indian rhythms, belly dancing music helps as well…it all tends to have an upbeat sound with a relaxing undertone. Other music also helps, when I’m not depressed (not going to say happy), I actually can relax by listening to depressing music. (Though I like listening to happy music when I’m depressed, it never makes me happy or relaxed.) I also watch movies and tv to relax. I have been “relaxing” a lot with True Blood recently. I tend to watch that over and over. Reading is something that helps calm me. I tend to like vampire novels, but I can read just about anything…or try to.

What is your favorite place to be?
Inside my house, mainly in my bed with my Cabbage Patch blanket, is my favorite place…it’s my safe place. I know, it’s ridiculous for a 25-year old to sleep with a Cabbage Patch blanket, but I’ve been slowly taking my childhood things off my bed, so cut me a little slack. I also like my grandmother’s house, though I don’t spend much time there because it’s not in town…there’s also no internet, so I would miss you fine people.

Where have you always wanted to visit but never could?
Always? Hmm…Europe in general is a place that I have always wanted to go, though the location in Europe has always changed. I also would love to go to California. I hate that the furthest west I’ve been is Jonesboro, Arkansas. No offense to any of you who might live there, but Jonesboro is just not the ideal “furthest west” place you can go. It seems kind of like a craphole to me, though that might be because I was almost forced to move there.

If you guys have more questions, leave them here and I’ll try to answer them in a week. 🙂

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