It doesn’t take a genius 4

I, as many of you know, have an affinity for tweeting. Over the past week, I’ve posted about 100 per day. This may be seen as excessive, but chances are most of them are replies I’ve made in the middle of the night to friends. Now, if I had an actual life, which my crappy problems seem to prevent, I might not make a lot of tweets…but I seem to entertain people with many of my tweets, so maybe it’s a good thing that I inherited the tendency to have a lot of problems.

Anyway…someone complained tonight about one of her followers tweeting too much. Seeing as how said person at the time followed about 15 people (its now down to eight), it was relatively simple to figure out that I happened to be one of these people who tweets too much. Apparently, I’m supposed to take into account the strain that it puts on her feed. Yes, I guess my 100 tweets a day strains a feed when you follow 15 people. I don’t know. I follow about 700 people. I try to keep up with most of their tweets. I seem to manage rather well. I’ve only missed one truly major thing in the past week on Twitter, and I found it elsewhere. Now, if I can keep up with those 700 people, many of whom are just as tweet-addicted as me, then how come this person has trouble with my tweets plus the 14 other people who don’t tweet as much?

And why should I have to quit tweeting as much because one person complains? Like I told her, she didn’t have to follow me. She began following me during the 2008 election, a time when I made just as many tweets as I have over the past week on a regular basis. I believe she knew what she was getting into.

I like to tweet. I tweet more than I actually say anything offline. I mean, seriously, most people offline do not know what my opinions are, what I’m currently doing, or even what my voice actually sounds like. (This is partly due to the fact that I tend to be ignored. Maybe I’m over-compensating on Twitter.)

Ah, it’s Friday and since it is such, I’m going to do something that is big on Twitter and should be big in the blogging world. I’m going to do a little Follow Friday blog style:

Amy, Ashley, Becca, Brandy, Caity, Car, Christine, Damita, Hannah, Jonna, Julie, Kelly, Swetlana, Tara

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