Government control

I’ve been kind of going back and forth with friends over government health care, which I fully support, and will continue to fully support.  As someone who benefits from a government health care program, it would be wrong for me to just bash the thing.  It’s actually good insurance.  I mean, Medicaid will cover just about anything…but they don’t actually pay the doctors, which for some reason makes it very hard for me to convince private doctors to take my public insurance.

Well, my friend’s mom (who I have known since I was 8) has now asked do I want the government to control every aspect of my life?  Hmm…

Well, let’s see.  They control my ability see doctors by not necessarily paying the doctors, but I still get to see pretty good docs.  But since I have Part D for medicines, I can’t really blame the government for controlling what drugs I get.  It’s really up to my coverage, and that means no migraine pills for me.

The government controls what gets put on TV with the whole FCC thing, which is stupid.  So, the government gets control of that.

The government has a say over what is done with food and medicine, so that’s another little part of my life.

Basically, I watch tv, take meds, eat, and I used to sleep.  Well, I watch tv, take meds, and eat…I think, except those rare moments where I rebel and watch HBO and Showtime, the government pretty much does control every aspect of my life.

So, in short, I care not that the government has it’s hand in what happens with my life.  Good that someone does.

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