Don’t Look It, But Feel It

I hurt right now…really bad. I’ve had leg pain for the past day. It’s in my hip. My mom says it’s the fibromyalgia acting up. It probably is. Of course, there’s this funny little thing about fibromyalgia: it doesn’t always affect just muscles. This feels like a ligament or tendon. Those can actually be more painful than the muscles. With muscles you can find ways to maneuver that lessen the pain. When a ligament or tendon is aggravated, it basically feels like a bad sprain that has been worsened by like five million percent.

I know, I tend to exaggerate alot in terms of fibro descriptions, but that’s because unless you’ve actually had it, it is so hard to understand the pain. For example, most people have felt pain. Many have even felt bad pain. How many people get to experience the joy of being in so much pain that you’re physically sick? That’s one of my joyous experiences that my problems give me. It’s a pain overload, I think. Not something I would wish on anyone…not even Dick Cheney or the head of Summit Entertainment.

I wrote a rant on Facebook about/to my friends in YSA. I didn’t specifically tell them it was about/to them, but I figure maybe they can figure it out. One of my friends from HS read it, I think, and apologized for my loneliness. It wasn’t really geared towards her. I have accepted that most of the people that I grew up with are actually too busy to chat sometimes, though she offered to. It’s the people who I know aren’t because I pretty much know a lot of their schedules and I’m fairly certain that if they can create random groups on Facebook, then they can check on their friends every once in a while. I also ranted about them not joining my autoimmune cause. Maybe I need to find some big celebrity who is big into autoimmune research to try and get them to see that research support is like really cool. It may not be supported by some big group or band that they listen to everyday, but it’s supported by someone…probably like the most famous knitter or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with knitting. Hey, sarcoidosis is apparently something that famous people have: Bernie Mac, Karen Duffy, Bill Russell, Reggie White, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Evander Holyfield, Travis Michael Holder, Floyd Mayweather, Sr., and possibly William Shakespeare. Michael Jackson may have had lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. I wonder if they care about any of those folks? Eh…if it’s not FOB, then it’s not a big deal to them probably.

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