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Every Thursday, I’m going to try to post something related to the Twilight franchise. If you want to skip these because you have a distaste for Twilight, then that’s fine. If you want to stick around, I’ll try not to bore you. 🙂

Rachelle vs. Summit: Round 1
So, as pretty much everyone who has been in Twitter-dom knows in the past twenty-four to thirty-six hours, there has been a firestorm of tweets about the recasting of the role of Victoria. Rachelle (twitter user: @rachellelefevre claims that she was caught off-guard by the news. Summit basically says she’s brought it on herself by not letting them know until the 20th about her role in a new movie that starts filming the same day as Eclipse. Rachelle stated that she would only have a 10-day overlap. Summit counters these claims. It goes on and on, and leaves the fans wondering what to do. It’s easiest to blame Summit, even if they didn’t know about the conflict. Still, if they only found out about it on the 20th, how did they already book Bryce Dallas Howard, who is a bit bigger name than Lefevre by the 28th for a movie that starts filming in just a few short months? Surely Howard would have needed more than a week to clear her schedule and become prepared enough to take on the reigns of the character of Victoria. Even if she couldn’t fully become familiar with the part, she could have at least been more immersed in the fandom and maybe issuing an “I come in peace” kind of statement. (Remember, Twilight fans don’t take to changes lightly.)

New Moon Gone Nude
Jamie Campbell Bower has told MTV news about a nude scene involving the Volturi. This has led to jokes about the possibility of an R-rating, which many fans doubt could happen given that Stephenie Meyer has always promised PG-13 ratings. I doubt the church would be too happy if a movie that came from Meyer’s books was transformed into an R-rated movie. Since Deseret has sold some of the books and the church kind of half-heartedly promotes the franchise, they would probably “freak” over this new development.

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