Another two friends goin’ to the chapel

More of my Mormon friends are getting married. This time it’s Jason (former crush of mine) and Justen. They’ve been dating since April, I think, and they’ll be married January 2nd. This will be the fifth YSA couple to get married since I joined the church last year.

First was Anthony to Sarah. They were engaged before I joined the church for a few weeks, I think. They were married in August. They filed for divorce a few weeks later.

Then Krista and Hael met in like August or September and were engaged a couple of weeks later. They got married in April of this year.

There was Kristofer and Jessica. They’d been dating a long time and got engaged last fall before marrying in May.

There’s Jordan and his wife, who I don’t know her name or any details. All I know is that last October when the great fiery inferno happened, he was with Cynthia. In February, they had like just broken up. In April he announced he was engaged and a couple of weeks later, he was married.

Now, Justen and Jason, who started dating in March, I think.

I have no problem with marriage. I love marriage and think it’s a great thing. I just worry with the speed that my friends from YSA get married. Starting to date and then being engaged within a couple of weeks or months just seems to rush it. If we believe in Eternal families/marriage, then why the rush? Why can’t they take like a year to make things right? I know it’s not because any of them got pregnant because (and this will sound weird and I don’t mean it to) they’re not like that. (I’m not judging anyone who gets pregnant out of wedlock. I’m just saying that these are couples who would probably die before that happened since chastity is so lovingly persuaded [it’s the law] amongst members.)

I hope they have successful marriages, for those that have made it this far. I hope that the one couple that couldn’t make it find peace. And I hope that if that day ever comes that I am actually presented with the chance to marry a guy, I can convince him to wait until I’m sure that he knows good and well what he’s getting himself into. I could probably handle any problem he threw my way, but I would want to make sure that I was marrying a guy who could handle a lot of crappy circumstances.

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