The Idiocy of a Medical Professional 1

I got a call today about my sleep study results. Apparently, I have “mild to moderate sleep apnea” and need one of these cpap like these ones cpap machine reviews. They gave me some of the basics on my sleep apnea: 10 apneas/hour and 89% oxygen saturation. I’m also asymptomatic. Now, I did a little research. While 5-15 apneas constitute mild sleep apnea, you should typically have 85% or lower saturation. For CPAP to be used in mild cases, you should have something else…SYMPTOMS. I don’t meet the qualifications for the damn machine that they’re going to make me wear for 2 weeks. UGH. And the thing is that I have to wear it for those 2 weeks to appease this idiot of a man. I have to wear some stupid machine because he has different standards than freaking experts in the field.

And what about the fact that it can take HOURS for me to fall asleep? Oh, well, he didn’t diagnose that problem. Or that I never actually seem to be unaware of what’s going on in the middle of the night when I try to sleep at night? He didn’t address that. My brain does not shut off at night. This is not sleep apnea stuff. This is circadian-rhythm disorder stuff. Of course, I can’t tell him all my symptoms for that because he’ll chastise me for not wanting to sleep “normal” hours. (Personally, I think it’s BS that people HAVE to sleep at night. If my body was programmed to sleep in the day, then who can say that that’s wrong?)

And you know what’s really bad about this whole thing? If I don’t have sleep apnea bad enough to require this treatment, then I’m being treated for no reason. Then, if I have a circadian-rhythm disorder, and I’m not being treated, I have to endure rudeness about my sleep-wake schedule AND I might possibly be on psychotropic medications that I could be taken off of because I might not actually be as insane as was previously detected. (Delayed sleep phase syndrome can commonly be misdiagnosed as mood disorders and schizophrenia.)

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