Urg…will I ever see it again?

Back in the day, it was cool to have some sort of association with Netrillium. Everyone had some kind of tie to that company and we all vouched for how totally awesome it was. When fps was on their registrar, I ALWAYS had issues renewing it. Finally, I had enough and switched to another registrar. Well, after a lot of effort to get the key from Netrillium, it was switched and I thought I was finally free from the hassle.

Back in February, I got my checking account statement for my med/food account. It had been billed for the renewal for fuzzypinkslippers.com. How do you bill someone for a domain renewal when you didn’t renew their domain, right? Well, I emailed and got no answer. So I contacted the BBB. I got a response from Netrillium around the time the complaint was sent in, and they told me that I was supposed to let them know that I had canceled services with them. I thought that was ridiculous, but I did that. I got no refund, though. I go to the site tonight to find out where’s my refund and Netrillium isn’t there. So I do a search, find the new owner/company, and I send them an email. Of course, I’m waiting to hear back, but I’m sure they’ll tell me since they have no record of my account with them that they can’t give me $10.

I could always take Ermina to Court over it, and I’m seriously considering that.

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