Pink Eye is for small children

And I apparently am a small child. Wah. I have pink eye in both eyes after being exposed to 0 other people who have it or any kind of infection. I wash my hands regularly, and I don’t know how I got this freakin’ condition. I have used the eye drops (Ciprofloxacin) twice, and the second time I used them caused me to have extreme nausea. I feel REALLY sick, almost stomach flu sick here. I am not enjoying this. Why do I have to have a reaction to EVERY SINGLE DRUG that I put into my body? Not the happy-go-lucky, it works without a problem, experience that most people have, but the I have something go wrong every single time kind of thing.

I have decided that God enjoys my misery. I know, it doesn’t necessarily scientifically compute that there is a God, but I like to believe God is there and sometimes I think maybe God likes me. Of course, what I believe more than that is the God enjoys to see me squirm. This is not a persecution belief, but more of a belief that God just enjoys seeing me having to figure my way out of weird situations.

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Janet Morris

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