Eh, it figures

The Emmy Nominations were announced today, and it figures that True Blood did not get a major nomination. (They got a nomination for their opening credits, which, while awesome, aren’t the best part of the show. They also got nods for Art Direction and Casting, which are good, but what about the acting and the writing? What about the show overall?) Of course, it figures that a show that is “about vampires” wouldn’t get a serious nod. I mean, look at the great and wonderful Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which got most of its very few nominations for makeup. (It did receive a nod once for writing [for “Hush”].) It’s like they want to give them credit for something, but they ignore the majority of the wonders of the show. They ignore that lately series and movies about vampires and other supernatural events are a commentary on other things, deeper things, i.e. the struggle for civil rights, which is most often the case for True Blood. I think it is ridiculous that creative brilliance is ignored, when they reward such a plotless and boring show like The Office, which is the biggest waste of space on television lately. (The British version may be better as I’ve noticed that Brits can handle the category of mockumentary with better attempts at humor than Americans.)

Okay, for any of you who read this and live in Europe, I was wondering if you could help me procure a copy of the movie Hundtricket, as well as the movie Om Sara; both of which have the wonderful Alexander Skarsgård in them and, apparently, cannot be purchased in this country easily. Yes, I know that this would mean that they would be Region 2 DVDs, but I have a player that will play them. I would, of course, compensate you for your efforts (meaning I would pay you back for them–this is not me begging and not paying). There’s one company that *might* sell them here, but they’re out of stock right now and I have no clue when they might be re-stocking, especially given that Om Sara seems to be particularly difficult to procure in any country. (I’ve been looking.) I found several online distributors that have Hundtricket at a very nice price, but since I don’t live in Europe, I can’t get it. (Actually, a couple would be even more difficult since they only allowed for Swedish buyers.)

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