The Blood Nazi Strikes Again

I had to have blood drawn today for my six month check up. Needless to say, it was a bit of a bad time for all. As has “previously been reported” in this blog, I am a very hard stick. Well, apparently, that was putting it lightly today when two lab techs and the nurse that I’ve had since I was a baby almost gave up their careers trying to find a vein from which to take the blood. They tried tourniquets. They tried slapping, which, by the way, I am opposed to having done to me. (If you think that slapping me is actually going to work, let me point out that it does not. It actually makes it harder because my veins then KNOW you’re coming with a needle and hide completely.) When they got out the blood pressure cuff, though, it worked enough that they got almost 3 half vials of blood. May not seem like much, but sometimes they only get 1/4 of one and only get to order 1 or 2 tests. (Today’s tests: Insulin, Lipid Profile, CMP, T4, TSH, and some other thyroid test.)

Note that like previous “blood nazi” posts, this has nothing to do with actual Nazi (as in Hitler) beliefs, but a play on the episode of Seinfeld where there was a soup nazi.

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