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I found out a gem of a comment that my (former) psychiatrist wrote in my chart after my first visit with him. Apparently, in that one session where he was supposed to do a quite long and intensive psychiatric evaluation, he spent 5 minutes with me and determined I had anger issues and severe anxiety. Given that I have a pretty good memory of the session, since this was before I was on Risperdal, all I can really recall is me giving a brief rundown of how bad my depressive symptoms were, telling him I needed a better anti-psychotic, and that I was wanting to come off of the Depakote since I had gained so much weight on it. He had put me on Effexor and Risperdal, then told me I could come off the Depakote because I was “on too much medicine”. (I was on the Depakote, Klonopin, Effexor, and Risperdal.) He then sent me on my way, only billing for a med check.

According to my therapist, in the next session he claimed to do a psych evaluation, which is crap because he never spends more than 5 minutes with me. He always tells me I’m on too much medicine. He ignores me when I tell him which symptoms are worse, and tries to get me to up my Klonopin, even though I’ve told him that I can no longer take it because it knocks me out. (Besides that, I don’t feel I need it because I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack in almost a year.)

He also said that I had the symptoms for Borderline Personality Disorder (which I had previously been diagnosed for, but I did not tell him I was experiencing any of the symptoms for it at the time of any of the appointments) and I guess this is his justification for not paying attention to my ACTUAL problems. Ugh. I didn’t really have any anger issues towards him until I found out about him going through my old parts of my chart to come up with his present diagnosis. Hasn’t he ever heard of actually doing the work himself? Yes, it takes a while to do a psych eval, but it was in his schedule and he would have been somewhat compensated for it.

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  • Jonna

    Your psych sounds like a twatty mcTwatPerson. *nod* Any possibility of getting someone else to handle your case?

    Also, you’ve disappeared again? *arches eyebrow* Everything okay?

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