So Simple, Yet So Complex 2

It’s weird. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I would be writing this. Two weeks ago, Tad was still alive, and illegal immigration was just a theoretical issue to some of the people around here. (They claim it’s epidemic, but if you watch our local news, the only reports of illegal immigrant related “crimes” are related to the accident lately. Before that, it was mainly illegal on illegal stuff.)

When Tad died, I decided to start looking up what people were saying on blogs and stuff. I knew that there had to be people around here who knew him or something who were saying stuff. Apparently, there were a lot of people saying stuff, but very few actually had a clue about Tad or Leigh Anna. Very few even cared.

At first, they were somewhat sympathetic to the families. Then, when a story broke about how Leigh Anna’s mom had solicited the help of the man who ended up driving the other car that ran into Tad’s Supra, everyone decided to jump on Leigh Anna’s mom for causing the accident. I thought this was selfish and cruel of them to claim, but they did not listen.

Meanwhile, they were posting about other local political news. I, being the always political girl, decided to get involved in these issues and respond. I felt it was only fair if they were putting their opinions out there, I should have a right to put mine out there. One issue was about state funding for affordable housing. I think that sounds good. People deserve to have a decent place to live.

Well, suddenly, they were telling me that I didn’t know what it was like to own a house. Um, I do. Then, a trailer doesn’t count as a house. Well, that’s nice, I live in a house with a nice firm foundation. Now, I see this stunner:

Don’t sit in judgement of what we do for society since it is a damn sight more than what you do. If you’re getting SSA disability then we’re funding your disability payments.

I have to ask, because the situation you describe makes absolutely no sense – if you have no job then how in the world did you buy your own house at the ripe old age of 21? How do you keep paying for it? Do your parents live with you or do you live with them?

Followed by:

Actually, when you say she gives “nothing in return” you show why this system sucks. She is not the least bit appreciative of us funding her existance. She doesn’t even give us the courtesy of a heart felt “thank you.” If she had to rely on charitable giving instead of government confiscated and distributed money she probably wouldn’t have such a sour, spiteful disposition towards those who put food on her table.

Ooh, he sounds like he’s pissed off because he thinks I’m cheating him out of his money. Yeah, I bet when he learned at a very young age that he has a chronic debilitating illness, he was dead set on working the rest of his life. Oh wait, I was the one diagnosed and I was planning on working until the age of retirement. That was when I was just “crazy” and had arthritis. Then came Fibromyalgia, followed by over a half a dozen other physical ailments, two possible autoimmune disorders, and finding out that I have scoliosis and will possibly be in pain every day for the rest of my life because the school system couldn’t get a nurse to check me as a child…yeah, when you count up the number of conditions I have been diagnosed with that qualify for disability, it’s around 12 or 13. If there was a bad gene in my family for something, it got passed to me. Forgive me if I’m not in a hurry to get up and go to work every day, especially when I struggle to get out of bed some mornings because of all the crap that’s wrong with me.

People assume that if you’re on any kind of government assistance that you don’t need help. Well, people are wrong. Most people don’t want a handout from the government. It’s a very painful process. You feel so degraded by the end of it, and then your status is left up to people who have never even met you. It’s not something that I enjoyed going through, but it is something I had to do.

And as a member of this society, he is expected to pay Social Security taxes. He may hate that he gets to help me be all enabled or whatever he’ll want to call it, but it’s his responsibility. Besides, I don’t see him or his friends being big humanitarians, so I doubt they would actually donate anything if they weren’t forced to by the government.

Not really sure that these people have hearts.

(Oh, and you all should know that the English major in me really wanted to point out the idiocy that is someone who cannot spell judgmental and existence, yet drones on about issues like some great intellectual.)

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