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A certain Canadian who shall, for all intents and purposes, remain nameless in this post, but we all really know who I’m talking about (think stealing) has decided to stir stuff up with me. What has she done? She decided to post pictures of me on LiveJournal to get people to bash me. Really sweet, huh? Why? Well, apparently, it has to do with me continuously blocking her on Twitter and not really wanting anything to do with her. Since when does not wanting to have anything to do with someone constitute something worthy of this childish behavior?

I changed my privacy settings on Flickr, because I know that’s where she got the pictures from this time. Now I don’t think that she can get back to them, in case she decides to create some other account and do this again. (She was banned on LiveJournal yet again.)

What’s weird is that I was perhaps one of the nicest people to her, because I felt a little sorry for her. She was always one of those people that you kind of hear about and wonder what (and I’m taking these words from Buffy’s Cordelia, who was much better than Angel’s Cordelia) was her childhood trauma. I mean, to go about stealing and acting like she does, it seems a little unusual for someone who is supposedly an adult. It was one thing to do it for a little while when she was younger, but at a certain point we have to grow up and take responsibility for our actions.

It’s funny how she used pictures of me from when I was goofing off to make me look really bad, then when someone decided to post pictures of her she got all defensive.

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  • Kimm
  • Jonna

    The notorious Krystal?

    I can’t really judge her, I’ve never had any sort of trouble with her so it would be stupid of me to pass judgment especially since I don’t know her in any way but trying to make you look bad in that way is nasty.

    Since I don’t know what’s been going on between you two, I can’t really takes sides either until I know the full story, so I’ll offer you the usual “*hug* Hang in there”.

    If she’s bothering you, you can always just ignore her. I’m fairly certain that if you just let her be, she’ll let you be. *nod*

  • Angela

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