Epic Fail? 2

Am I the only person who has gotten overly annoyed with the continuous usage of “fail” as a noun? I am so sick of reading so many things saying, “epic fail” and all that crap. I know that my grammar isn’t always as good as it used to be, but I do, at least, try to use words in their proper context. Saying fail like it’s the noun is wrong, and just bugs me to no end. There are few times when it is okay to say the word in the noun context, and when you have added epic to it IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

Now, I want you to grab the person next to you by the hand and say this with me, “I will not use the word fail in the wrong context anymore.” If you break this oath, I swear that zombies will come out of the graveyard and cannibals will come out from under bridges and eat you alive.

I hope that this contemporary misuse of the term fail fails and has a painful death while it is failing, as it hurts even the least delicate of ears to hear it misspoken.

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  • Liza

    I never liked the usage of that phrase, and since it’s dominantly used in the gaming world I unfortunately see it a lot. What can i say, I’m a grammar Nazi. =P

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