Blog Is To Blogging Like… 3

Okay, so I am now writing in my blog after however long it has been since my last entry. I haven’t really been a good little writer, now have I? Actually, I took Spring Break off from the computer. I barely got on that week, except on the days where I was recharging my iPod or downloading the iTunes version of Twilight, so that I could watch it a few hours before the lovely people at USPS decided to drop off my copy that had been in their truck since the day before. (Gotta love those little tracker things.)

I have decided NOT to drop out of school…now. I will try another semester. It may be that I am only able to go in the fall semesters and not during the spring. That would be weird, but it seems like spring has always had this stranglehold over my emotions and drives me to the brink of utter insanity.

I have an appointment with the head of the English department on Monday at 1 PM. That should be cool. Well, maybe the meeting won’t be really interesting, but it should be okay at least.

I’ve watched my DVD of Twilight a few too many times to proudly admit in front of the world. Okay, 1 time on the iPod, 2 more times on Saturday on DVD, the audio commentary on Sunday, and the 1 time I watched it on Monday. I haven’t seen it since Monday night. I may be going through withdrawals. 😛

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