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I just got done reading a published writer’s blog entry about how blogging is horrible because most blogs write crap that no one wants to know. I found it interesting that someone would say that because I don’t think it’s true. If blogs were so horrible, then they wouldn’t have lasted this long. Though blogging is much like the reality television show trend, and you end up seeing a bunch of stuff that you might not want to see, it can also be an eye-opening thing for many people. Blogging can open new doors for people, allowing them to find a world that they never imagined possible. It is incredible to see that this world can be such a wonderful thing for some. When you search for a blog, you search for someone like you, generally. Your blog list is generally going to consist of people about the same age as you, or people who have the same interests as you. You don’t generally visit a crappy blog more than once, and if you do, then perhaps that says more about you the viewer/visitor than it does about the blog itself. Admittedly, most bloggers are untrained when it comes to writing. Many haven’t even finished high school. Does that mean that what they write is necessarily crap? Not exactly. Age does not determine the ability to which someone can convey their feelings. There are many people who haven’t been schooled in writing, yet write incredibly thought-provoking blogs. There are also some who have spent their entire lives writing and write incredibly boring blogs. Some people may not be born to write a novel or an actual memoir, but can write a daily telling of their tale with much ease and talent. If this person has such a hard time finding blogs, then maybe she isn’t using the right criteria to find them. Looking for a blog to read has always been simple for me. All it takes is the right keyword group on Google or Yahoo! or any of the other search engines. If you have a certain personality trait you would like to learn more about, there is likely going to be a blog out there for you to find. The only problem with finding blogs tends to come when you get too specific on rare things, i.e. looking for blogs of people with certain disorders. Another thing that I found really ridiculous about this person’s assertion that blogging is so horrible is that this person herself has a blog. If blogging is such a horrible thing, why does she have one? Why tether yourself to something that you hate? Why would you want to do something that you so apparently loathe? It just is unfathomable as to why she would want to waste her time doing something that she finds so abhorrent. Similar to the words of many of my doctors when saying “if it hurts, don’t do it”, I must tell you that “if you hate it so much, then don’t do it.” To devote yourself to something you hate so much is a great mystery to me and something that I cannot see why a person would do. If blogging is such a horrible thing for her, then perhaps it’s time to put the keyboard away and start doing things that she finds more useful.

Blogging is the Downfall of the Written Word?

So I got this idea from netchick.net and Aidan. Spread the Comment Cheer! How to play: – Leave a comment here that says hello. – Now, go visit the person who commented above you, leave a comment on their site that includes the tagline: Hello, Janet (fuzzypinkslippers.com) sent me. Please play along. Note to the first person commenting: simply say hello to me. You are invited to play this as often as you want. As for hosting, I’m opening up hosting on many of my domains and on my account for other domains. If you want to be hosted on one of my domains, you will receive a subdomain and 50 GB of space for free. If you want me to host your domain, the same applies, except you won’t get the subdomain. Must follow: 1. No copyrighted content you don’t own the copyright to. 2. No file upload/sharing/archive/backup/mirroring/distribution sites. 3. No sites creating sites primarily to drive traffic to another site. 4. Keep scripts secure and up-to-date. 5. A link to me as your host. For Blogs/Forums: blissfully-sardonic.info, herblueeyes.info, imbeingawesome.info, pickmechoosemeloveme.info, urban-sunrise.net For Fan Sites/Fanlistings/Fan Blogs/Fan Forums: bloodsuckingfiend.info, boywholived.info, dazzlingvampires.info, fan-tastical.info, leopalooza.info, poweroffour.info, thedragonflyinn.info, thekaterevolution.info, twilight-addicts.info, youjumpijump.info For Icon Sites: isntiticonic.info

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