Hmm…Blocking Of The Moi?

A person whose blog I used to visit and who I used to have on my list to follow on Twitter has me blocked, and I can’t remember what I could have possibly done to end up that way. I also have people who are friends with me on Facebook, who I used to talk to on Twitter, who have removed me on Twitter. It’s perplexing. Not something that really bothers me, but it’s kind of confusing. I mean, I get some blockings/bannings that have occurred over the years. For example, I know I can’t go back to because they don’t appreciate anyone who does not believe that the world is going to and should end with the whole rapture scenario, not to mention that they don’t like anyone who does not want said apocalypse to occur this very second. They probably also wouldn’t be too fond of me joining the LDS Church because it’s all cultlike and crap like that according to them. But when I don’t remember doing anything to someone, I end up wondering why I get blocked.

I’ve blocked people in the past, mainly people that I dislike and who I know dislike me. I don’t see any point in having people that I don’t get along with reading about my daily dealings, when I know that all they’ll do is sit back, laugh, and mock. And I don’t visit their tweets as to ensure that they have their privacy, and that I’m not devoting any energy to someone I dislike that I could be devoting to someone that I do like.

This is not to say that I haven’t checked sites to make sure that they weren’t talking about me anymore. I wouldn’t necessarily respond to the sites after a certain time, but I would check to see what they were saying, just to make sure that I had something to laugh about. It’s weird how someone online can say the same thing that my grandfather used to say about me, and the person online’s statement makes me laugh, yet his tore me down. Maybe I do have a healthier perspective on life than I thought.

I’m thinking about offering hosting to friends who need it for their blogs. I just have 2 requests: nothing illegal and keep your scripts up-to-date/safe. I can either host a domain for them that they have already purchased (you wouldn’t be able to have a cpanel) or I could host their blog on as a subdomain. If you’re interested, please let me know.

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